Hero For Hire

I got the breif today from my contact at Western Alliance HQ. Looks like the Nazi’s are trying again to get a craft into space. They want me and Jack to go stop it. I haven’t talked to Jack yet but, I think we should take this assignment. The Nazis want to go into space for only one reason. . .to rule it. I feel sure that Jack will want to go on this mission and kick some nazi butt as bad as I do.

The Thunder Six will need to be put through a good check of all systems and the new seperation feature before we embark on this little adventure the government wants us to go on. She has taken quite a few beatings on the last four missions, and I want to be prepared.

Cal dosen’t know it yet but, he will be setting this one out. I need him to stay here at the ranch and oversee the begining of construction on the Thunder 7. This ship will be unlike any of the other craft we have built together. The Thunders 1-5 were basically just souped up jet fighters, but the Thunder 7 was designed to do alot more.

I need to get some sleep tomorrow will be a long day.

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