What Went Wrong?

I blame my self for what happened. We should not have taken a mission on such short notice, we didn’t have enough time for a proper shakedown of the ships new features. The papers want to call me a hero, but my co-pilot and long time friend is dead because I wasn’t fast enough, wasn’t smart enough. War or no war, I’m through with these damn missions.

Dr. Stone called yesterday, he is sending some modified designs for the Thunder 7’s new experimental engines. He never mentioned Jack, I wonder if he even knows; he’s been so busy with the redesign and all. The redesign, the damn redesign has set us back by six months. I haven’t even flown in weeks since the mission, I just don’t want to.

The Thunder 7 project was on track until Dr. Stone got this new design assistant who insisted that the whole project was going in the wrong direction and needed to be redesigned. I didn’t want to take such a huge set back, but I had a gut feeling this assistant of his was right. Why is he being so secretive about this new assistant, why can’t I meet this guy? Just another one of Stone’s many quirks I guess.

I keep playing the whole thing over and over in my mind, if I had just run back there and grabbed Jack before the ship exploded, or if I had known that the seperation would happen so quickly. I don’t know, I can’t think about it anymore tonight. I just need to concentrait on the Thunder 7 and getting it finished.

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